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Matrix Calculator


  1. You don't need to read this manual in order to operate Matrix Calculator. We believe the interface is intuitive.
  2. Size of the matrix is unlimited. Note that inverting a 100 by 100 matrix takes a couple of seconds. So we advise not to overuse the service, otherwise we will be forced to employ some limits.
  3. Matrix Inverter uses Gaussian Elimination Algorithm. It can be also used just to check singularity.
  4. Dots and commas may be used as decimal separators. If both of them are used, dots are interpreted as decimal separators and commas as thousands separators.
  5. Cells within a row may be separated with spaces or tabs. Every row should be in a separate line.
  6. Matrix Inverter is compatible with popular spreadsheet software (like Excel). You can copy and paste matrices between the spreadsheet and Matrix Calculator back and forth.
  7. Send us any remarks that come to your mind!